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A Detailed Tour of the Mozy Settings on Windows - Part 1

Ever wondered what all of the other options in your Mozy Settings are for? Today we're discussing all of the settings in the Windows client, and when to use them.  Since the Mozy Settings have lots of options, and these posts are really detailed, we've decided to break it down into a couple different parts. Today we'll be discussing the basics, along with the Welcome, File System, and Backup Sets tabs.




How to Access the Mozy Settings


  1. Right-click on the Mozy icon in the System Tray down by the time and date on your computer
  2. Select Settings > from the pop up menu
  3. Select More Settings... from the secondary menu

A Tour of the Mozy Settings

We'll go through each tab in the Mozy Settings and talk about what the options within do. Hopefully this will help you use your Mozy backup software to the fullest and it may even introduce you to some new options you weren't aware of before. The MozyPro and MozyHome Settings are very similar and have few differences.


Settings Basics

These are the options that are accessible from any tab/screen within the settings.


Navigation Tabs.PNG


Navigation Tabs

Along the top of the Settings screen you'll see the main tabs for navigation the settings. We'll talk about them more in-depth below, but for now-here's a basic rundown:


  • Welcome - The main welcome screen
  • Backup Sets - Pre-defined groupings of files you can select for backup
  • File System - A view that shows your computer file structure where you can select backups
  • Options - More advanced settings within the client
  • History - Where you can see a history of recent backups and how they were concluded
  • Restore - Where you can select files to restore via the In-Client Restore method



Help, OK, or Cancel

These settings also show in any tab you're in. Here's what they do:


  • Help - Loads your web browser and directs you to documentation on Changing or Customizing Mozy
  • OK - Saves your Settings with any changes you may have made
  • Cancel - Closes your Settings without saving any changes you may have made

UAC Alert

If you see the little blue link above the Help, OK, and Cancel buttons that says Change settings that are currently unavailable... that means your UAC (Windows User Access Controls) are blocking you from changing some things in the Mozy Settings. If at any time you need to access a setting that's grayed out, and you see that option available, click on it and tell Windows YES to allow you access to change the settings.




Welcome Tab

This is the main tab that typically opens when you go into your Settings (unless you've previously accessed another tab in the Settings) and it provides a brief welcome and description of the Mozy settings.


Clickable Options on the Welcome Tab

  • How to select files for backup -  This provides you a brief description of how to select files
  • How to restore files - This provides a brief description of how to restore your files
  • Access files online - This will load your web browser and direct you to your account where you can restore via the web



Backup Sets Tab

As mentioned above, the Backup Sets tab is some predefined groupings of files you can select for backups. Typically you can select these options for some quick file selections.


Default Backup Sets

By default, here are the typical Backup Sets you'll see:


  • Email and Contacts (Outlook) - This selects default Outlook file types from their default locations on the machine
  • Photos and Images - This selects standard image file types (.img, .jpg, .gif, etc.) from standard locations on the machine
  • My Documents - This selects the standard My Documents location from Windows
  • Firefox Favorites - This selects the default Firefox Favorites files from their standard saved location on the machine
  • Word Processing Documents - This selects standard word processing file types (.doc, .docx, .rtf, etc.)  from standard locations on the machine
  • Google Chrome Bookmarks - This selects the standard Chrome Bookmarks files from their default locations
  • Spreadsheets and Databases - This selects standard spreadsheet and database file types (.mdb, .xlsx, .csv, etc.) from standard locations on the machine

Note: One important thing to understand is that the Backup Sets are predefined and may not include everything you want. By default, they will include certain file types from certain locations, but anything outside of those settings may not be selected. You will want to select files or confirm selections via the File System tab to ensure specific things that are important are selected fully.




How to Use the Backup Sets

It's simple to check the box to select a backup set you wish to select the files for, but you can also right-click on a Backup Set to do the following:


  • Edit Backup Set - Loads the backup set as is to allow you to change the rules, add file types, select different locations, etc.
  • Add Backup Set - Creates a blank Backup Set where you can set your own locations and rules
  • Remove Backup Set - Deletes an existing Backup Set

For more information, see: What is a Backup Set and how do I use it?



You'll notice, that differing from the other tabs, the Backup Sets and File System tabs show the Usage bar at the bottom of the screen as well. This shows you how much you've used on This Devices, Other Devices (if you have them), and what you have available.


Note: This will not match up with the Backup Sets totals shown above. The Backup Sets totals only include files within those specific groupings, and not everything that is selected. The total for your Usage matches everything selected, even if it's not included in a backup set. Access the File System tab for a more accurate representation of what is selected and contributing to that total.




To catch the rest of this series:



Have any questions, concerns, or comments? Want to suggest an idea for a blog post? Leave it in the comments below!

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@angelag - Awesome job!

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You say, "

Welcome Tab

This is the main tab that typically opens when you go into your Settings"

But I cant find Welcome Tab; or Setting; or Backp tab.  So, Like has been the case for years, that is the reason I dont upgrade.


New Zealand

Community Manager


Hello Arnold,


Are you on a Mac or PC? It does depend on what kind of system you're using, and I'm not sure what you mean by that is the main tab, was there supposed to be an image there? I apologize, it doesn't appear to have uploaded.