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A Detailed Tour of the Mozy Mac Preferences

We've talked about the settings in the Mozy Windows Client for the last week and a half, so today we're going to talk about the Mozy Preferences on your Mac Client, and what each of the options does.




How to Access the Mozy Preferences


  1. Click on the Mozy icon in the upper menu bar on your Mac
  2. Select Open Mozy Preferences... from the drop-down menu

Preferences Tabs

The Preferences offers four different tabs along the top. We'll talk about them in greater detail, but here's a basic run down of the options available:


  • Summary: The basic tab with information on your account and backup
  • Files & Folders: Where you select files
  • Options: Settings changes for your backup
  • Performance: Settings changes for the performance of your backups/machine




The Summary Tab

The Summary tab is the first tab that opens when you access the Preferences. At the top of the page you'll see your email and license key, this also serves as your "About" section for information.


Left Hand Options

On the left hand side you'll see some menu options. Those include:


  • Back Up Now: Starts a backup
  • Restore Files: Takes you to the restore option
  • History...: Loads your backup history
  • Buy More Space: Takes you to your account where you can upgrade your plan

Backup Information

In the middle of the screen you'll see some basic information regarding your backups.


  • Next Backup: This tells you when your next backup is set to occur
  • Last Backup: Tells you when your last backup ran
  • Total Selected: Tells you how many files and GB you have selected in your settings
  • Awaiting Backup: Tells you the amount of files and GB that are new or changed since the last backup
  • Total Space Used: Tells you how much total space you've used and how much you have total

Other Information

Towards the bottom of the screen you'll also find some more information...


  • Version: This shows you what version of Mozy you have installed
  • Uninstall...: This allows you to start the Uninstall process
  • Usage Bar: There is a usage bar along the bottom that also shows you how much space you've used, and how much is available
  • Lock Icon: Click the lock icon at the bottom to prevent any further changes from being able to be made in the Preferences



The Files and Folders Tab

The Files and Folders tab is where you can select your files for backup. Green dots indicate that everything in that folder/location is selected and yellow dots indicate that only some things are selected within that folder/location.


For more information on how to select files, see: How do I select files for backup?





At the bottom of the screen it will give you an Advanced... button that allows you to go in and make some advanced settings changes in your file selection. It allows you to create backup sets to add to the Back up or Don't back up sections. It allows for advanced settings changes.


For more information, see: How do I use the advanced file selection?




The Options Tab

The Options tab allows you to make some basic settings changes to your backups.



These are the options available in the General section of the Options tab.


  • Install updates automatically: This allows your backup software to automatically download and install updates
    • Check for updates: Checks to see if there are any updates available now
  • Use custom location for temporary files: Allows you to choose a location to save the temp files to during a backup
  • Show MozyPro status in the menu bar: Enables or disables the icon in the upper menu bar


These are the options available in the Scheduling section of the Options tab.


  • Automatic Backups Enabled/Disabled: This allows you to enable backups or disable them, which will suspend the backups
  • Back up automatically: Enabling this option sets the backups to run automatically on the machine
  • Back up on a schedule: Allows you to set a time and frequency for your backups to run



The Performance Tab

The Performance tab allows you to change the performance of the backups by enabling a throttle.


Backup Speed


  • Limit backup speed: Enabling the Limit backup speed check box enables the throttle to change your backup speed
    • Backup Speed Slider: If you have Limit backup speed checked you'll have a slider which goes between 0 and 3 Mbits/second for your backup speed
  • Limit between: Enabling this allows you to set just specific times for your backup speed to be limited
    • On: Allows you to select specific dates for the times and backup speed limitation
  • Network Filter: The Network Filter options allows you to edit which networks your backup can run on-this is useful for when you may need to block your backup from running on certain limited networks such as

 If you're a Windows User, don't forget to read up on our three-part Windows Settings Tour with the links below:


Have any questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas for other blog posts? Leave them in the comments!

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@angelag - I'm sure our Mac users will appreciate this detailed walk through. Thanks for posting!

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For reference, all of our previous blogs and webinars can be found in the link below:


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Wow this is great and sums it up very well for our Mac client!

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