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Windows 7 to Windows 10

Ok I am writing this 6 months after the last post on this subject. My question is there any problem with restoring a Windows 7 backup to a new computer width Windows 10? My windows 7 computer just died it was old and had many problems. Does Mozy guide you through this? Any thing I need to know first?





Master Level 1

Re: Windows 7 to Windows 10

You can restore files from a W7 computer to a W10 computer...


...but you need to know where to put the files.


For instance, if you have Google's Chrome browser already installed on your Windows 10 computer and you want to restore your bookmark file from the Windows 7 computer --- you would need to know where to put the bookmark file.


The same is true if you had Favorites in Internet Explorer, you need to know where Favorites files are stored.



There are several ways to download your Windows 7 files. I'll let others post links to the method that they think is best for your situation. Too bad Mozy does not have a restore wizard that can help you learn where restored files should go.


Re: Windows 7 to Windows 10

Hi @Gfleet


You should have little to no trouble restoring files from a Win7 backup to a Win10 computer.

You can follow the articles linked below to process a web restore for all files.

Just be sure to specify a new location to save the files. That way, you can know exactly where the files are saved to and you can then move them and reorganize how you see fit.


If you have any questions or trouble with this process, please don't hesitate to contact Support.

Peter M
Community Moderator

Re: Windows 7 to Windows 10



I don't see any restores on your account yet.  Do you have any other questions?


Please post any question or comments.


Thank you,

Mozy Support

Re: Windows 7 to Windows 10


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