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Missing Files after Restore to New Computer

 Computer was killed by airport personnel on SAT.

Mozy confirmed backup successful on FRI.

Did restore on new computer on SUN.

On MON many files are missing.

Where are my files?


Thank you,


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Re: Missing Files after Restore to New Computer


According to our records we can tell that you restored all your backed up files. If you're having trouble locating the restored files on your machine please contact support via live chat. Support is available 24/7.

If a response has resolved your issue please mark it as a solution to help the Mozy community.

Mozy Support Engineer
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Re: Missing Files after Restore to New Computer



I'm seeing the same thing as Julius is with 9407 files restored at 9.7 GBs reporting in the restore history.  During the restore process whether you used the Mozy client software to restore or if you use the Mozy web restore page using the Mozy restore manager to restore there is an option to "browse" either a destination folder of your choice or to "preserve original location".


If you choose the option to restore to a folder of your choice then all of the data will be restored to that specific folder or if you choose "preserve original location" then all the data will be placed exactly where it was located on the original computer.


For example this means that if you use to log in to your old computer as "William" at the Windows login screen then your Windows user profile name is "William" and all of your user data is saved under William's library folders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music, etc.


Now when the new Windows user was setup on your new computer or operating system as "Bill" this time in stead of "William" and you restore your data choosing "preserve original location" and because the old Windows user profile folder "William" does not exist on the new computer, Mozy will create and restore to the folder C:\users\William\ next to the new and existing user C:\users\Bill\ therefor preserving the original location.


When this happens data restored to C:\users\William\Desktop\ needs to be moved to C:\users\Bill\Desktop\ to get the data back to your existing Windows user's Desktop.


If this has happened then you will need to locate the old Windows user that was restored to and created under C:\users\ so you can move the data as needed.



If this is not the case then it may be possible that not all of your data was selected for backup to begin with.


Also here is a link to our knowledge base that also may be of help to you.


Please post any questions or comments.


Thank you,





Mozy Support
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Re: Missing Files after Restore to New Computer

Hi @oolgoddy


I see you worked with one of our Support reps on recovering your data. Unfortunately, if the folder(s) which contain your important data isn't selected for backup, that data will not be available for restore in the event of disaster recovery. I see that the Support rep was able to assist in confirming the right locations are selected for backup moving forward. 


Please get in touch if you have any follow-up questions or concerns.




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Community Manager

Re: Missing Files after Restore to New Computer



Thank you for reaching out to the Mozy community for assistance. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance and we will be happy to help!


Have a great day!

Shawn L.
Community Manager
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