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One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!
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Instant download error FRIDOW0001

I am trying to restore files from a PC that the disk failed to a new PC.

This error occurred   Instant download error FRIDOW0001

The status showed Waiting for a number of hours and changed to Cancelled.

I tried a second time and am getting the same error.

William Heath


Re: Instant download error FRIDOW0001



Thank you for posting in the Mozy Community.  This error usually occurs when attempting to download a large file or set of files using the instant download option when you select the data you want and click on the "Download" link.  The best way to download large amounts of data is to use the large download option by selecting the data you want to restore and then right click on any of the files or folders that have been selected and choose the "Large Download Option" at the bottom of the right click menu.


Here is a link to our knowledge base with instructions on how to use the large download option.


Keep in mind that at the end of the restore wizard after you choose the recommended option to use the restore manager there are two items to download.  First download and install the restore manager in step one then click on the "Begin Download" link which will down load the definition file  (set of numbers).mzd which will open the restore manager so you can start the restore.


Note: The "Begin Download" link will become clickable after you download and install the Mozy restore manager in step one.


Please post any questions or comments.


Thank you,


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Mozy Support
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Re: Instant download error FRIDOW0001

Yesterday when the restore program downloaded a "cancelled" window pop up and closed with no indication that the restore program was installed.  


A couple of hours ago I noticed that the Mozy Restore Manager x64 program was installed!

I ran the program and downloaded all files.


Thank you for looking into the problem.  I will save off your solution.



Since I backup to a external drive once a week or so I only needed to download files from the past 7 days.  I only saw an option to download files prior to a date.  It would be good to have an additional option to download files newer than a date.


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