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Alert: Attention macOS High Sierra Users: We are aware there may be some compatibility issues between macOS High Sierra and Mozy. Your backed up data remains protected. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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Failure to restore - incomplete

I downloaded Mozy Restore Manager to restore my full 50 gigs of it is telling me that the restore was incomplete - 8835 of 8835 files failed.  All different kinds of files are there - music, videos, docs, etc.  Have tried multiple times...

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Re: Failure to restore - incomplete


To better assist you with this issue, I recommend you connect with us via Live chat,  it'll be easier when one of our techs to look at the issue. We're here 24/7.  Login at and click on Live chat to start one.  For more information on accessing the live chat click here. Thank you for using Mozy community. 

If a response has resolved your issue please mark it as a solution to help the Mozy community.

Mozy Support Engineer
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Re: Failure to restore - incomplete

I have created a case for you and have sent you an email regarding this issue.

Mozy Support
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Re: Failure to restore - incomplete

We feel like this issue has been resolved. We are marking the solution for future reference. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Tyler W.
Community Moderator, L1 Team Lead
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