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Deleted File Search

Is there a way to search for any file that has been deleted for a certain time period?


Re: Deleted File Search



Hi there,


You can restore files to a previous date from the backup client installed on the computer, or from the website:


To restore from the website, see:


To restore from the backup client, see:








Re: Deleted File Search

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Re: Deleted File Search



Were you able to search for deleted files from a specific time period?  Also the search will only work within your retention period which is 30 days for Mozyhome customers, 60 days for Mozypro customers, and 90 days for Mozyenterprise customers from the date you are searching from.


For example today is July 5th and June has 30 days in the month so you would be able to search for deleted files as far back as June 5th.  If June had 31 days then you would only be able to search as far back as June 6th (just to be clear) for deleted files.


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Mozy Support
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Re: Deleted File Search

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