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Update credit card

Mozy makes it harder to update credit card information than any other vendor I deal with, and there are a good many.  Ugh....


The instructions don't tally with what I find on the screen. Is there any simple way to just get to a page which has my credit card data on it?


*edited to remove personal information*

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Community Manager

Re: Update credit card

@woodyburt - It doesn't look like you've received a response to your case yet. Let me have a technician reach out to regarding your question. 

In addition, we edited out your personal information in the post for security purposes. 



Shawn L.
Community Manager
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Re: Update credit card



Mozy only displays the last 4 digits of the credit card on the "My Profile" (Mozyhome) page.  Here is a link to our knowledge base with instructions on how to update your credit card.


I hope this answers all your questions.  Please post any other questions or comments.


Thank you,

Mozy Support
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Re: Update credit card


I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you encountered while trying to update the card details.

I do see on your account that you were able to successfully update the card.


If you would like to suggest a different process to update the card details, please submit your suggestion and feedback to our Idea Exchange.


Peter M
Community Moderator
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Community Manager

Re: Update credit card

Hi @woodyburt,


I totally concur with what @PTNubs recommended. If you have a good suggestion for how we can improve the process of updating your credit card, please please please bring it up in our Idea Exchange. It's a great place for any suggestions you have for feature enhancements and it's the first place our developers check for ideas on improvements to make. Plus, it allows other customers who feel the same way to comment and pitch in their opinion to give the issue more weight in the priority list.

Angela G.
Community Moderator/Technical Support
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