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Obtaining a refund for the unused portion of my 2 year Mozy account.

To whom it may concern.


I recently deleted my Mozy account. However, I still had about 4 months left on my charge. Unfortunately I deleted my account before realizing that phone support from Mozy would be next to impossible and that the traditional MySupport portal options would not be possible without an account. "Fortunately", this community forum seems to be somewhat of an option to get assistance in this manner. However, if I have to I will resign up for a free account just that I can get the support I require. I should point out that this is not a great thing to do. i.e. make it hard for someone to call up with an unusual "out-of-bandwidth" issue.


Is it possible that I can get a refund for the unused portion of my biennial account?


My old account id was also imackintouch (but NOT the free one that I was forced to created just to make this post!). Please use the email portion of my old account to reach out to me directly to get additional information if you need to.




Re: Obtaining a refund for the unused portion of my 2 year Mozy account.

Basically for annual and bi-annual accounts, you have 90 days from renewal to cancel and ask for a pro-rated refund. Here is some information about our refund policy specifics:

If you were within the last 4 months of your plan, that is sadly outside the 90 day window for refunds. If that is not the case, I'll happily make a case for you and get that taken care of!

~Mozy Support

PS: If a response has resolved your issue, please mark it as a solution to help the Mozy Community!

Re: Obtaining a refund for the unused portion of my 2 year Mozy account.

Wow, I really was not aware of the 90 day rule. I had stopped using for quite some months now but I may just have held on to the account until late April had I known that there was a 90 day refund limit. That was not a glaringly obvious item.


Live and learn I suppose.


thanks for responding to my request at any rate.



Community Manager

Re: Obtaining a refund for the unused portion of my 2 year Mozy account.

@imackintouch - Please let us know if there are any additional questions we can help answer for you.

Thank you for using the Mozy forum!

Shawn L.
Community Manager