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Cancellation and refund

Hi Mozy team, 


I don't use Mozy anymore and haven't for nearly 12months. 


I thought I had cancelled my subscription but I hadn't and my cc has just been deducted. Could you please advise how I cancel and get a refund. I think I understand how to delete Mozy as per your instructions on My Account (its already deleted off my computer) but could you advise how i get a refund? Thank-you Smiley Happy


Warm regards,



On 10 Jul 2016, at 1:12 AM, support@mozy.com wrote:

Thank you for using MozyHome!

Your credit card ending in 6255 was billed $209.79 today for a biennial subscription to MozyHome 125 GB.

We appreciate your business.

- The MozyHome Team

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Re: Cancellation and refund



Hi there,


I'll be happy to assist. As we'll be dealing with private account information, I've created a support case for this issue. Please respond to the confirmation email with any questions or concerns.




Re: Cancellation and refund

@AllanH Thanks for taking care of this.


For anyone visiting this thread, it's important to remember that when requesting a cancellation or any sort of change that require verification of personal information, we ask that you submit a ticket. Here is how you can do this: 

  1. Go to the support portal (http://support.mozy.com).
  2. Click My Support.

​​​My Support link for accessing cases and other assisted support options


  1. If prompted, log in.   
  2. Click Create a new Case
Create a new case button
  1. Enter in the following information:
  • For Device, select the computer that is impacted by the issue.
  • In the Case Reason drop-down box, select the reason for the case.
  • In the Subject text box enter the issue for the case.
  • If necessary, attach files (such as log files) to the case. 
  • Enter details of the issue in the Description box. 
  1. When finished, click Submit
Create a new case form
Here is an article that you can also bookmark for future reference: How do I create a support case?
Tyler W.
Community Moderator, L1 Team Lead

Re: Cancellation and refund



In your specific case, you would want to include the following in your support case:


  • Reason for cancellation
  • Last four of the credit card on file


Also if you are unsure whether or not you qualify for a full/prorated refund you can see our Refund FAQ page for more information. 

Tyler W.
Community Moderator, L1 Team Lead
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Re: Cancellation and refund



I see that this account was cancelled, but for future reference here is how you cancel a Mozy home account and below that are the conditions for receiving a refund:


Cancel MozyHome
Article ID: 000003242


To cancel your MozyHome account: 

  1. Uninstall the backup software from your computer. For steps uninstalling Mozy, see Uninstalling Mozy.
  2. Log into your account, https://mozy.com/login.
  3. Click on Manage Account from the drop down menu under your name located at the top right of the page.

Cancel MozyHome - Clicking Manage Account

  1. Select My Profile.

Cancel MozyHome - Account Home

  1. Deselect the Mozy Newsletter, and Mozy email notifications (if selected).  
  2. Next to Member Since, click Delete account.

Cancel MozyHome - My Profile

  1. Type in account password to confirm account deletion. 

Cancel - Delete Account Password confirmation

  1. Fill out questionnaire
  2. Click Submit

Note: Uninstalling Mozy from your computer or deleting your computer from your Mozy account does not delete the whole account.



Mozy cancellation refund conditions 


MozyHome Monthly Subscriptions
If you are paying for your MozyHome subscription on a monthly period you can cancel your account at any time, but you are not eligible for a refund. 

To cancel your monthly subscription, uninstall the Mozy client from your computer, and then cancel your account from your account home page. 

MozyHome Annual or Biennial Subscriptions
One or two year subscriptions may be eligible for refunds within the first 90 days of the subscription. A support case needs to be created for any refund request. Since access to your Mozy account will be terminated when the account is closed, please open a case with Support prior to closing your account to request your refund.

If you have already closed your Mozy account without requesting your refund, please submit a support case here.

Note: Refunds will not be issued for any MozyHome account after 90 days. 



 Thank you,

Mozy Support