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3 computer limit

I deleted my 3rd computer from my Mozy account and want to add my new computer.  Pop up say I already reached my limit?  

See image.  Need to correct this as soon as possible.





Community Manager

Re: 3 computer limit

@jmweiner - It doesn't look like you've received an update on this thread yet. Let me have a technician reach out to you as soon as possible. 



Shawn L.
Community Manager

Re: 3 computer limit

@jmweiner   The message you referenced is more of a reminder for you to ensure your plan allows for the computer being added.  Thus if your plan allows for 3 computers and you only have 2 active computers still associated with it, then you can click Next to continue forward with adding the computer as per


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Thank you,



Re: 3 computer limit

Thanks Shawn.  Tyler W helped me already via chat and accessing my computer.


Re: 3 computer limit



I see the case for this issue and see the resolution as you were not able to click next for some reason but Tyler W was when he remoted into your computer.


I have marked this thread as solved, however please post any additional questions or comments.


Thank you,

Mozy Support