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Upload speed very slow all of a sudden



I just started with mozy about 10 days ago and up until today it's been using my full upload capacity (about 700kbps). However, in the last few hours backups are stopping or jumping around from 10kbps to (sometimes) 200kbps. Most of the time though the speed is close to 10kbps.


Are the servers overloaded. Is this a temporary problem. I certainly hope so. Could a mozy employee please answer my question - I would appreciate it.



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Re: Upload speed very slow all of a sudden

There could be many answers to this question as to why your performance has decreased.  You could try a different time of the day to see if that helps.   Some ISP's throttle the bandwidth after seeing increased data activity.   Some ISP's set a quota limit then throttle after thata.  Check with your internet provider and ask them if you have a cap or if they throttle suspicious activity.  Let them know you are using an online backup service and see if they can assist you with better upload speeds.


Re: Upload speed very slow all of a sudden

Hi. Thanks for your reply. It's not my ISP. I pay a high rate for an ISP that doesn't throttle. It's not my router or computer either. Have done multiple speed tests this evening and getting full speed upload. I am in the uk. Am I maybe on different servers that could be heavily loaded right now? Could you check please.
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Re: Upload speed very slow all of a sudden

The data center that you're on is running fine, but the history on your account doesn't give enough info as to what is going on. I would recommend opening a case with support so that somebody can take some time to analyze your log file and possibly offer you a remote connection so that they can get in and fix the problem. Your account has access to email and chat support.

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Re: Upload speed very slow all of a sudden

One thing that could also be contributing is you may be backing a large number of small files at this point of your backup. While we can't be very specific about what goes on with the back end on our servers (trade secrets and all), we can tell you that backing up to Mozy isn't the same as just copying to an external drive or transferring files to an FTP server. Each file you transfer to our servers can have up to a few seconds of overhead during the backup process. If you're backing up large or very large files (several MBs to GBs, music or pictures or video files) you'd probably not notice a difference. But with small files (KBs to MBs, emails or documents), it can slow down perceived speed a good amount like you're seeing.


If this is the case, you may consider starting first by only having the large files (or most important) selected for backup and let those get sent, then add the rest of your small (or less important) files later.


But support should be able to help confirm this or find out what else might be causing it.