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Several users backuping the very same file

Hello everyone,


Here is my issue,

A network is made of 4 desktops using the same shared base on a NAS,

How mozy can backup the base?

I can't install the client on a single computer, because as soon as the user will be on vacation with his computer turned off the backup won't start.

My idea is to install the same client with the same account on all 4 desktops but will the users hit the same backuped base? My fear is that each of them will backup a new version of the same base even if they are using the same account from a different computer. (and so use 4 times more space)

And by the way, is it allowed?




Also, obviously you need a server license to backup shares on a network.

I bought my mozypro long ago and if i remember corectly back then i had to purchase x number of desktop licenses and 1 server license. but if i add a new user i can add as many server user as i need, now on a billing point of view, what is happening?

Do i have to pay more? or my mozy is only based on the size of my storage capacity?


sorry for my average english btw.






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Re: Several users backuping the very same file

Hello TLsys,


Thanks for contacting us.


Unfortunately there is no way for multiple Users on different machines to backup from a NAS without duplication unless the Users have a system of choosing who backs up what.  The best way to backup data from a NAS is to map the NAS on the most active machine.  Does the office have a server that would be kept active?  


For more information about adding a NAS please see:


Regarding your account, there should be no extra cost for creating another Server User but as a Velocity account you would be best confirming this with Katharine Parriott.  I can PM you with her email address.


Kind regards,


Mozy Technical Support




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Re: Several users backuping the very same file

Thank you very much Lizzie.

Nope no server, that would be too easy. Smiley Wink

I already have her email adress.

But yes this is a good idea, i or someone else will contact her.

Thank you very much.




actually we will contact CM, he is a French speaker. Smiley Wink


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Re: Several users backuping the very same file

You're very welcome!


Have a lovely day!

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