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Mozy will not run backup

I have a new computer.  All files and OS from old computer have been loaded.  I downloaded Mozy, then upgraded my storage, and cannot get Mozy to start a backup.  I read quite a bit in the forum.  I uninstalled Mozy, reinstalled and it still will not run a backup. It starts like it is going to check the files, then it just quits.   At 69,  I was so proud I did this by myself, haha, but guess I haven't done much.  Does any one have suggestions?  Thank you so much. 


Re: Mozy will not run backup



When you install Mozy on a new machine and choose to replace an existing computer, Mozy will go through a few background configuration steps to ensure your files on your computer are reassociated with the files already on our server before you can start the backup. During that time you may want to review what you have selected for backup in the File System tab in the Mozy Settings. It should not take more than 15 minutes before you can start a backup. 


Re: Mozy will not run backup

@CalGal   Are you seeing any specific error message with the backup?  What version of Windows is on the computer? 


Thank you,




Re: Mozy will not run backup



I see that the last backup was a manual backup and was successful on February 4th however the previous backup was reporting a ConnectionError7.  If you know this computer has internet then we need to bypass the internet check by opening the Mozy settings and going to the "Options" tab then to the sub tab "Scheduling" and check the box that says "Attempt automatic backup even when a network connection is not detected" then run another backup.


Please let us know how that works or if the setting was already checked.


Thank you,

Mozy Support
Community Manager

Re: Mozy will not run backup

Hi @CalGal,


We haven't heard from you since your initial post, so we're hoping that means this has been resolved and your question has been sufficiently answered. Since it's been a while, we're going to go ahead and mark this thread as solved.


If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to let us know here, in a new thread, or by contacting support.

Angela G.
Community Moderator/Technical Support