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DATA\FILTER_RAW.LOG detected as suspect by Panda Cloud Cleaner

Hi everybody, I'm writing because an antivirus scan alerted me that a file which is in the Mozy folder, may be a virus. More detail: I've run a scan with "Panda Cloud Cleaner -v1.1.10" in the mode "with Trusted Boot", the one which takes the computer through 3 reboots (each at the end of the following 3 steps: Setup, Boot Scan and Trusted Boot). Near the end of the second step (Boot Scan), just before being asked to reboot for the second time, a window displays some results: under the headline "Unknown Files & Anomalies" there is an item; as I click on the link to see more on it, I learn that among "Unknown Autorun Elements" there is C:\PROGRAMMI\MOZYHOME\DATA\FILTER_RAW.LOG What is this? I add that I traced this file following the path on my hard disk and scanned individually with Panda Global Protection and the scan didn't identify it as I virus; yet I add that the scan result also stated that 0 (zero) elements were scanned and in fact the file looked as it was empty, its size being null. Also when I one-clicked on it to select it for scan or for the options menu to appear, it sometimes changed into C:\PROGRAMMI\MOZYHOME\DATA\FILTER_RAW.LOG.1 My OS is Windows XP (Service Pack 3 installed). Thank you for your help.

Re: DATA\FILTER_RAW.LOG detected as suspect by Panda Cloud Cleaner

Filter_raw.log is a standard file you can normally find with Mozy. If you are worried that that file somehow got corrupted you could uninstall Mozy and then delete that version of the file, then re-install Mozy. Note: As you are running windows XP, we don't actually support Mozy on that platform due to Microsoft no longer supporting the platform. Because of that if anything happens we won't be of much help sadly. 

~Mozy Support

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Re: DATA\FILTER_RAW.LOG detected as suspect by Panda Cloud Cleaner

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