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Re: Communicating with Servers

Follow-up to my last message...


Erased everything from Mozy servers and my machine (even clean up leftover registry entries).


I revert back to 1.16.  I selected a backup of only 70Kb.  After a few minutes, it completd and Mozy servers now had only my 70Kb backup.  I did a few more backups of the same file and it worked fine and I could see that the Mozyy servers had my file fine.


So, since I have wasted so many days on it, I decided to waste a few moreSmiley Sad I upgraded again, and after the upgrade it got stuck for hours on the "communicating with Mozy server" page.  It is a 70Kb file, so the manifest cannot be that big (or complex).


It is clearly a problem between manifest written with pre 2.0 versions and version 2.0


Finally, I revert back to 1.6 and I have backed up 16Gb, getting slowly back to my 76Gb that I had a couple weeks ago when 2.0 came out.


So, DO NOT upgrade to 2.0 unless you are willing to loose your history (and your patience) and are willing to take a chance of rolling back to 1.x version.  Version 2.x is working fine on brand new machines that have never communicated with Mozy before.


While I like Mozy, their latest release and the compatability is a disaster.





Shogun Level 1

Re: Communicating with Servers

Anyone that is still on 2.0, you might try a "netsh winsock reset" in cmd before downgrading. See if that allows the manifest to go through by resetting the socket.

Community Manager

Re: Communicating with Servers

Good call Invisiblade.  It would also help us find the root cause of the problem if you can follow the directions given by cody at http://community.mozy.com/t5/Mozy-for-Windows/NOT-A-GOOD-START-Can-t-complete-setup-Stuck-at-initial...

Mike Jones
Community Administrator
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Re: Communicating with Servers

yup same prob here....tried to go back to older version...and that wont work now....

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Re: Communicating with Servers

I am also have the same problem. Very frustrating.

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Re: Communicating with Servers

The solution offered in the other topic gets it to work...  But now my upload speed is deathly slow.


But now that I can communicate with the servers again, Im getting FileSystem errors.  Reboot the computer per the advice in the error message, and now I have to reset the socket again.  COME ON.  This new software is pure crap.

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Re: Communicating with Servers

Update 7/6/10:

All seems to be going well now--both the explicit server errors and mystery v2 hangs, so hopefully a null thread now. (Down Murphy! Down boy!) I'd post a couple feature requests in whatever folder they belong, but right now stability tops the list <wry smile>.



Original response:

I've also been having to Cancel and Task Manager Kill v2 due to stalls like others on this thread. I don't have the same pipe as some have mentioned, but 1.5/768 DSL has been plenty for my 15GB (much archival), especially given I've been leaving my poor 'puter running overnight for a week (+?).


But still trying to get a complete capture since I (a) rearranged my folders prompting a new full backup, and then (b) made the mistake of upgrading in the hopes v2 would help the server errors. So, a heads-up for anyone else rolling back, while I wasn't logging my timeline in detail, pretty sure the below link isn't v2 specific:




I've been keeping an eye on the Status dialog for several days--yesterday morning I had it running at 50% in desperation while working, though killed it after stuck an absurd time on one 8MB CSV; also had it stick recently on a piddly ICO file. Last night & this morning I wrote down the values, though I didn't expect it to be quite this bad:


No bandwidth throttle, fastest backup, Antivirus off.

1:45am (Thursday night):

         Preparing Data

        48,052  Files backed up

        65,453  Files awaiting backup

8:45am (Friday work morning):



And Perfmon had these dramatic change over those 7 hours:

        Mem Usage  232,916 -> 232,888

        I/O Reads   3,199,072 -> 3,199,074


C'mon Mozy, backup is on the "just needs to work" list, like the car starting, or we start worrying about all kinds of details like whether our individual files are making it OK, because most of us aren't cross-checking everything with restores, just trusting you that our safety net will be there in case of a problem.


And frankly, the number of weeks it's taking you to resolve the server errors is disturbing. Not to discount the personal value of free users' data, but regardless of any issues that may be delaying the overall fix/change/upgrade/expansion, I would have expected that when it dragged on this long, some sort of triage would be done to roll back/shelter/bandaid your Pro/Paid accounts, even if you couldn't help everyone. If I didn't have my data syncced with a laptop (http://tgrmn.com/ is the best) I'd be researching alternatives already, and even so I'm getting pretty nervous since I subscribe off-site for a reason.

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Re: Communicating with Servers

This is a post I made pon a different discussion, but it appears it would have been more appropriate here--please forgivbe me if this is bad manners Smiley Sad


I am not able to back up using Mozy Home. The last time I successfully backed up was 6/10/10. Then I upgraded to 2.0. Since that time, when Mozy tries to backup, it hangs up on "Communicating with MozyHome servers."


I have zonealarm firewall--I followed Mozy instructions to make sure it allows Mozy to access the internet.


Next I followed these instructions--1) Open up the command prompt. This may be done by typing "cmd" on the "Run..." line or finding it in "All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt."

2) Run the command "netsh winsock reset"
3) Reboot the machine

This did not resolve my problem.


Next I followed the instructions on this webpage: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811259

This did not resolve my problem.

I did not follow the instructions on this webpage because I have Windows XP and it refers to Vista: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/299357


My Mozy History says that the results are Connection Error 3, but when I viewed solutions to this problem none of them applied. I have a constant internet connection; plenty of RAM, and often Mozy is the only internet activity.


As I previously said, this issue did not occur until I updated to version 2.0. Since that time, I have attempted to back up numerous times and have been unsuccessful.



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Re: Communicating with Servers

i would love to go back to the older version, but the thing is, i erased the file/application. And cannot seem to find it inside the site. Can anyone direct me to a download link? Thanks

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Re: Communicating with Servers

ok. sorry, found it already.

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