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Backup stuck on 'Starting'

A client's backup system is stuck on 'Starting...' it is scheduled to run 5 times per day, but hasn't backed up in 16 hours. Restarting the PC seemed to resolve it, but as the client needs to leave the PC on (iis needs to run at all times), and didn't see any error message, it was only that they manually checked that they realised it wasn't working.


The log states the following:


04Feb2017 09:17:49 mozyproconf.exe: Starting
04Feb2017 09:17:49 mozyproconf.exe: Temp Dirs include:
04Feb2017 09:17:49 mozyproconf.exe: C:\Users\camom\AppData\Local\Temp\
04Feb2017 09:17:55 mozyproconf.exe: Local backup work queue set to disk path: C:\Program Files\MozyPro\Data\local_backup.dat
04Feb2017 09:18:24 mozyproconf.exe: Error: Can not wait for thread termination (error 6: the handle is invalid.)
04Feb2017 09:18:24 mozyproconf.exe: Error: Couldn't terminate thread (error 6: the handle is invalid.)
04Feb2017 09:22:17 mozyprostat.exe: Error: Can not wait for thread termination (error 6: the handle is invalid.)
04Feb2017 09:22:17 mozyprostat.exe: Error: Couldn't terminate thread (error 6: the handle is invalid.)
04Feb2017 09:28:04 mozyprobackup.exe: Service is stopping...


Any advice would be gratefully received.

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Re: Backup stuck on 'Starting'

The response I received from Mozy support (in case anyone else is getting this). I'd restarted the service and PC previously, which allowed it to run as a one off. I'll be checking later to see if it has run automatically. I'll post again to let you all know if it's working:


Hi there,


Thank you for contacting Mozy Support.


The machine "XXXXXXX" last recorded backup was 02/04/17 09:35 Manual Backup. If Automatic Backups are currently not working then I suggest trying the troubleshooting the problem with these steps.


1) Services


Confirm that MozyPro's status is at Running on services. To access services just follow these steps.


1) Right click on the bottom of the task-bar of the screen.

2) Click on Task Manager.

3) This will bring up a new window. At the bottom of this window click on Open services.

4) Locate MozyHome here.

5) Right click on it.

6) Click start.


2) Anti-virus


You can add a exclusion for Mozy in the machines anti-virus software. This process differs with each anti-virus. Here is a link that can assist you.




If you have any other issues or questions please don't hesitate to return,


You can call or come to live chat for real time assistance, steps:




Kind regards,



Technical Support


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Re: Backup stuck on 'Starting'



Did the reboot and adding exceptions to the anti-virus alleviate the issue for you? Please keep us updated as to the backup progress. I've checked the case and the backup logs suggest that the backup is going through successfully. What are you seeing on your end?



Re: Backup stuck on 'Starting'

Sorry, haven't been at work since then. Restarting the service and the PC did the trick. They had an expired version of McAfee, so couldn't add to exceptions.

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