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local back up option on mac preferences does not exist?

I am running mozyhome on Lion and I am trying to figure out how to configure it so that it also backs up to a local external HD. I read that this was an option available but I can't find it within any of the options in the System Preferences MozyHome panel. Does this still exist and if so how do I configure it?




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Re: local back up option on mac preferences does not exist?



This feature is not available in the Mac client yet.  However our developers have been working on this feature and it will be available soon.



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Re: local back up option on mac preferences does not exist?

does this exist yet? I am testing  Mozy and cant seem to find it?

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Re: local back up option on mac preferences does not exist?

We do not have a local backup option for Mac software. You could look into the Apple Time Machine though as an option. (Contact Apple or google that software, as I don't have much information on that past this)

~Mozy Support

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