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Did you know we have a Linux client? Read our blog article for more details. There is also a contest!
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Installing the Linux client

Quick Guide for Installing Mozy on Linux

All instructions will be provided with Debian and RPM distributions in mind, and the Mozy daemon runs as root.

1 - Download Mozy for your version of Linux

2 - Navigate to the location of where Mozy is downloaded

3 - Install Mozy using:
  • Debian:  dpkg -i mozybackup_version.deb
  • RPM:   yum install mozybackup_version.rpm
  • RPM:   rpm -i mozybackup_version.rpm
    • If Mozy is installed use the -U option to upgrade*
4 - (If Applicable) - RPM:  service mozybackup start 
      * - If upgrading on all distributions:  service mozybackup restart
5 - Activate your install of Mozy:  
mozyutil activate --email youremail@domain.com
Mozy will then prompt you for your password
6 - Add locations to backup:  
mozyutil addbackupdirs --path /home/mozy/Documents ~/Pictures

7 - Add Users to mozyadmin User Group to allow users to run Mozy without sudo access

Congratulations!  You have now added Mozy to backup your Linux machine!

For more information about using the Mozy for Linux client and list of commands for viewing the back up status, history and files awaiting backup, please open the Mozy MAN page using the following command: 

man mozyutil

Re: Installing the Linux client

Well, I tried this, and install ran just fine, until I entered my password.


Then the response was: MozyHome user is not allowed to use Linux Backup.


I take it then, the Linux beta is only for those with some other type of account, say, Mozy Pro?


Or does the beta set up an entirely different account?


Not clear at all how the program works here at the point of activation.

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Re: Installing the Linux client

Hi @Snortley ,


I'm sorry for the confusion!  Mozy Linux is only for MozyPro/Reseller/Enterprise accounts, as found here, which does need to be clarified in more locations.  


To provide more directions for the Activation/Setup after install: 

1 - Install Mozy Linux

2 - Activate:  mozyutil activate --email [EMAIL] 

3 - Setup: mozyutil addbackupdirs [LOCATION SEPARATED WITH A SPACE]


More specific instructions can be found in our KB Articles: 



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Re: Installing the Linux client


That is unfortunate. Mozy has worked very well for me over the years. Now, however, the machines I use include Linux systems. It seems I will have to close my account soon and switch over to one of your competitors that supports more platforms.

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Re: Installing the Linux client

I'm glad this thread is here. It saved me time realizing that Mozy doesn't support Linux.  I was all set to pay for a Mozy account to back up my home computer that runs linux. Yet, oddly, there DOES seem to be a linux client. Why in the world would Mozy turn away linux business. Oh well. Stupid business decision IMHO. 


I'll try to post the linux-freindly cloud backup I end up choosing.



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Re: Installing the Linux client

Mozy does support Linux, but does have the following requirements: 


  • MozyPro/Reseller/Enterprise Account
  • Server license/add-on

We're sorry to not meet your specific needs. 


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