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Sensei Level 1


Using the options tab

This tutorial is an overview of the Options tab for the MozyHome Mac client, including bandwidth trottling and backup scheduling.






  1. Click on the Mozy icon in the System Preference toolbar and select Open MozyHome Preferences in the drop down menu.
  2. The MozyHome client window opens. Click the Options tab.
  3. There are three sections for customisation. The first section is General. If you check the box next to Install update automatically, the Mozy client will install any updates when they become available (You can also manually check for updates by clicking Check for updates). You can also select a location for temporary files, by checking the box next to Use custom location for temporary files and selecting a location in the drop down menu.
  4. The second section is Scheduling. You can select two types of scheduling. Select Back up automatically if you want the Mozy Client to back up when the client has been idle for a period. Select Back up on a schedule if you want the Mozy Client to back up at a specific time you have set using the drop down menu underneath.
  5. The third section is Backup Speed. If you wish to limit the bandwidth that Mozy uses during the back up process, select Limit backup speed and set the limit with the slider. If you only want to this limit to apply during a certain time period (for example, work hours), select Limit between and set the time period with the drop down menus.

Please note: This tutorial is not intended as a forum thread but rather to provide support through the video and documentation within. Please post any questions in the support community.