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Sensei Level 1


Using the files and folders tab

This tutorial is an overview of the Files and Folders tab for the MozyHome Mac client, including selecting files for backup.





  1. Click on the Mozy icon in the System Preference toolbar and select Open MozyHome Preferences in the drop down menu.
  2. The MozyHome client window opens. Click the Files and Folders tab.
  3. To select a file for back up, hover over the file and click the Plus symbol. A selected file is denoted by a green circle. To deselect a file, hover over the file and click the Minus symbol.
  4. If you select a folder for backup, it will back up every file within the folder. A folder with all its content selected is denoted by a green circle. A folder with only some of its content selected is denoted by a yellow circle. If you click on the circle next to either type of folder mentioned, a menu appears, with the options, Back Up “folder” or Don’t Back Up “folder”. Back Up “folder” selects every file in the folder for back up. Don’t Back Up deselects every file in the folder.
  5. If you wish to use backup sets, click Advanced. A new window opens, displaying the backup sets currently in use.
  6. If you wish to use prepared backup sets, Click the Plus symbol and in the menu, select Suggested File/Folder... A list of prepared backup sets appears. To use, check the box next to any prepared backup sets and click OK.
  7. If you wish to create a new backup sets, Click the Plus symbol and in the menu, select Advanced... The backup set editor window opens and you can name the new back up set, specific where the backup set will search for files that match its criteria and you can create rules to specify what will and won’t be included for back up. Click OK.

Please note: This tutorial is not intended as a forum thread but rather to provide support through the video and documentation within. Please post any questions in the support community.