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Scheduled and Continuous Backup



Scheduled Backup:

1 - Go to your cron folder:
    cd /etc/cron.d/
2 - Create and configure cron for Mozy Linux:
    vi mozybackup
        [INSIDE VI]
    #This cron will cause Mozy to Backup every night at 8:30P
    30    20    *     *     *     root    /usr/bin/mozyutil start
        [PRESS ESC KEY]
        [TYPE  :wq]


Continuous Backup:
1 - Turn on Continuous Backup:
    mozyutil continuous --set on


As changes are made to your files, Mozy will immediately send these changes to your account.

If you need to turn Continuous Mode off, run:
    mozyutil continuous --set off




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Hi Zach, thanks for the guide. 


When continuous backup is on the 'mozyutil state' will show RUNNING all the time?


Also, my continous backups are not showing in the webportal (only the manual ones) - will it take some time to show up there?  I can see from the 'mozyutil history' the files have been backed up successfully.


Many thanks in advance.

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The RUNNING status is correct when running the 'mozyutil state' command with continuous mode enabled.  The portal will update once per hour and this should be the reason why you're not seeing the update appear in the portal right away. I've tested it on my end and confirmed this is so.


Please post if you're still having issues.

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