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Restoring With Mozy For Linux



Restoring a Single File:

1 - Get information on the file you need (Important for restoring a single file):
    mozyutil info --path [MOZY SERVER PATH]

2 - Start the Download after verifying file:
    mozyutil download --path [MOZY SERVER PATH] --output [RESTORE LOCATION]

Restoring Multiple Files:

1 - Request your folder(s) via Web Restore:
    1 - Sign into your Account
    2 - Select Search/List Users
    3 - Select the User you want to Restore from
    4 - Select the folder icon to the right of your machine
    5 - In the new window, select the Devices tab on the left
    6 - Click on the name of the computer you want to Restore from
    7 - Continue through your folders until you find your folders
    8 - Place a check mark next to your folder(s) you want to Restore
    9 - Right click on the folder and select Large Download Options
    10 - Give your Restore a name
    11 - Select to Restore using the Mozy Linux Software
    12 - Save the restore_####.mzd file

2 - Go to the location of your saved MZD file and start your Restore:
    mozyutil download --mzd [MZD PATH] --output [RESTORE LOCATION]