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July's Webinar: Using a client configuration to control what your users backup
In case you missed it, today's webinar has been posted. Let us know what you think!

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March Webinar: My Backup Is Not Working, How Do I Fix It?

Today's webinar covered some of the basics on how to check your backups, troubleshoot basic issues, and when it's necessary to reach out to Support. Take a look:



Highlights from This Webinar


Basic Backup Diagnosis & Troubleshooting


  • Checking the Status window (Windows)
    • What the Status window can tell you
    • How to start a manual backup
  • Checking your History tab (Windows & Mac)
    • What the History tab can tell you
    • How to get further information about your files and their locations in the History tab
    • Getting more information about errors reported within the History tab
      • Following steps in the Knowledge Base article to resolve the error
    • Comparing the times in the History tab to the Windows Event Viewer Log Files
  • Checking the Mozy log files (Windows & Mac)
    • Collecting log files from the right-click/drop-down menus
      • Why you'd want the log collection for Support cases
      • What the log collection includes

Common Issues with Mozy Backups in Windows


  • Environmental Issues that Can interfere with Mozy
    • Start Backup button being grayed out
      • How to restart the service in Windows
    • Antivirus
      • Antivirus blocking/killing the Mozy filter (FilterError0)
      • Adding Mozy as an exception to antivirus

Self-Service Support on the Mozy Support Site


  • Using the Mozy Support site
    • Accessing information for common Support Topics
    • Tailoring the Support site to your account type
  • When and why you'd use the other tabs at the top of the Support page
  • Analyzing your log files via the Log Analyzer
    • How to upload your logs
    • What the Log Analyzer can tell you about your backup issues

 Contacting Mozy Support


  • My Support
    • Contact options available for your account type
      • MozyPro: Create Case, Chat, Phone
      • MozyHome: Create Case, Chat
      • MozyHome Free: Search/Community
    • Health Score for your account/machines
      • Will highlight machines and errors
      • Open a Case/Chat directly from the machine/error
    • Creating a Case
      • How to create a case
      • Relevant KB articles
    • Live Chat Support
      • How to log into Live Chat
      • Relevant KB articles

Q&A with Webinar Attendees


Niall addresses the following questions:


  • As a new user, how do you decide which files to backup? Do I initially need to list each file, data software, from word, pictures, what do I need to back up? 
  • How do I check and address any issues with quota?
  • Is there a way to backup software, particularly expensive ones? 
  • How do I tell what's included in a backup set? How do I edit it?

Have any more questions? Suggestions for a future webinar? Make sure you register for the Community and leave them in the comments below. Smiley Happy

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