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The Latest from The Mozy Blog: What's new with Mozy?
A couple new updates have been released for the Windows and Mac clients as well as some new features in the latest Linux client. Check out our latest blogs for all the details!

April's Webinar: Protecting Your Data From Attack
April's webinar will be presented on Wednesday, 04/26 at 9AM PDT. Sign up today!

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March Webinar: My Backup Is Not Working, How Do I Fix It?

Today's webinar covered some of the basics on how to check your backups, troubleshoot basic issues, and when it's necessary to reach out to Support. Take a look:



Highlights from This Webinar


Basic Backup Diagnosis & Troubleshooting


  • Checking the Status window (Windows)
    • What the Status window can tell you
    • How to start a manual backup
  • Checking your History tab (Windows & Mac)
    • What the History tab can tell you
    • How to get further information about your files and their locations in the History tab
    • Getting more information about errors reported within the History tab
      • Following steps in the Knowledge Base article to resolve the error
    • Comparing the times in the History tab to the Windows Event Viewer Log Files
  • Checking the Mozy log files (Windows & Mac)
    • Collecting log files from the right-click/drop-down menus
      • Why you'd want the log collection for Support cases
      • What the log collection includes

Common Issues with Mozy Backups in Windows


  • Environmental Issues that Can interfere with Mozy
    • Start Backup button being grayed out
      • How to restart the service in Windows
    • Antivirus
      • Antivirus blocking/killing the Mozy filter (FilterError0)
      • Adding Mozy as an exception to antivirus

Self-Service Support on the Mozy Support Site


  • Using the Mozy Support site
    • Accessing information for common Support Topics
    • Tailoring the Support site to your account type
  • When and why you'd use the other tabs at the top of the Support page
  • Analyzing your log files via the Log Analyzer
    • How to upload your logs
    • What the Log Analyzer can tell you about your backup issues

 Contacting Mozy Support


  • My Support
    • Contact options available for your account type
      • MozyPro: Create Case, Chat, Phone
      • MozyHome: Create Case, Chat
      • MozyHome Free: Search/Community
    • Health Score for your account/machines
      • Will highlight machines and errors
      • Open a Case/Chat directly from the machine/error
    • Creating a Case
      • How to create a case
      • Relevant KB articles
    • Live Chat Support
      • How to log into Live Chat
      • Relevant KB articles

Q&A with Webinar Attendees


Niall addresses the following questions:


  • As a new user, how do you decide which files to backup? Do I initially need to list each file, data software, from word, pictures, what do I need to back up? 
  • How do I check and address any issues with quota?
  • Is there a way to backup software, particularly expensive ones? 
  • How do I tell what's included in a backup set? How do I edit it?

Have any more questions? Suggestions for a future webinar? Make sure you register for the Community and leave them in the comments below. Smiley Happy

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For reference, all of our previous blogs and webinars can be found in the link below:


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@angelag Thanks for getting this post out there for the users! Much appreciated.