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Linux Backup and View History Tutorial



1 - Ensure Mozy service is started: service mozybackup start
2 - Start your backup: mozyutil start
3 - Verify the status of your backup: mozyutil state
4 - View the backup history: mozyutil history
5 - Get a more detailed history report: mozyutil history --details --id [BACKUP ID #]
6 - Send the detailed history report to a file for viewing later: mozyutil history --details --id [BACKUP ID#] > [LOCATION]
7 - Get an overview on your User Account: mozyutil account
8 - Get a highlevel overview of your backup status: mozyutil state --engine        




Where is the documenation for mozyutil? There is no man page nor help available for the mozyutil command. I'm trying to figure out how to add directories to the mozyutil backup configuration.