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Image backup 09-23-2017
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Linux Activation Tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate how to install and activate the Mozy product on your Linux machine.



1 - Start by downloading Mozy using wget:

2 - Install Mozy using the appropriate package manager:
    Debian -
        dpkg -i mozybackup_1.0.3.4496_x86_64.deb

    RPM -
        rpm -i mozybackup_1.0.3.4496_x86_64.rpm

3 - Activate Mozy Linux using mozyutil with root permissions:
    mozyutil activate --email   [ENTER]
    Password:  [ENTER PASSWORD]    

4 - Select your folders for Backup:
    mozyutil addbackupdirs ~/Documents/ /home/mozy/Documents/    

5 - Verify folders selected for Backup:
    mozyutil listbackupdirs

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This video will be moved to the Tutorial section once the Linux product has gone to general availability.

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Just a note that the link associated with wget will change with future versions of Mozy Linux and is an example.  


For more information on the Actual download link, please see the "Download Mozy Linux" post.  




To install Mozy Linux on Fedora 21 and previous versions with the rpm command :


sudo rpm --localinstall mozypro-rpm-64setup.rpm 

for 32-Bit:


sudo rpm --localinstall mozypro-rpm-32setup.rpm 

For Fedora 22 and higher use DNF:


sudo dnf install mozypro-rpm-64setup.rpm 

for 32-Bit:

sudo dnf install mozypro-rpm-32setup.rpm 
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Thanks Allan!