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Latest from the Blog: How to Find Your Support ID
MozyPro customers who are looking for Phone Support will need their 9-digit Support ID in order to get through. Today's blog post covers the steps you need to take to find yours...

September's Webinar: User Groups: What are they good for?
This months webinar on 09/27 will look at User Groups: what they are, how to use them and how to get the most benefit from them for your organization. Register today!
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June Webinar: What happens to my files when my backup starts?

For June's webinar, Niall walks you through exactly what happens to your files when your backup starts. It's really interesting if you've ever wondered exactly how your files are uploaded to Mozy and what is happening after you click Start Backup.


If you missed today's webinar, or you want to review it, watch it here:



June's webinar included information regarding:


  • The Mozy Architecture: A high level of what areas and parts make up the overall structure of the Mozy Architecture
    • The Admin Console:  Checking accounts, adding resources, client configuration, authentication, etc
    • Client (Front End): Where you're accessing your files to select files, start backup, etc. Interacts with Admin Console and also the back end
    • Restore (Web Access): The Web interface where you can log in and select files from the back end to restore
    • Servers (Back End): Where your files are stored in the cloud
  • The Mozy Backup Process: The 9 step backup process and what's actually happening as the backup progresses
  1. Connection and authentication: Verifying that it's connecting to the proper account with the appropriate username/password
  2. Configuration and updates: Checks for any online configuration or updates that need to be pulled down to the client
  3. Parsing Changes: How the filter monitors and and keeps track of changes so they can be updated and uploaded during the backup
  4. Encryption: Encrypting the files so they can transfer securely
  5. Data Transfer: Transferring the encrypted files from the client to the servers over an encrypted SSL connection
  6. Encoding: After the data is transferred the encoding process starts on the Servers to store it in 12 separate pieces across a multitude of databases to ensure the reliability of the file
  7. Checksum Verification: A check to make sure that what was sent up is what we have to make sure it's storing properly and submitting the checked data to our servers to store
  8. Logging: The manifest file (the master file that tracks everything between your machine and the account) is updated with the changes and new information from the backup, keeping record of what was uploaded and when, what changes were made where, and where the parts are stored on the servers
  9. Connection Disconnect: Verification that the backup has completed and the information is returned to you that it was completed successfully and information on when your next backup will occur

For more in-depth information on this, see: How the Backup Process Works


  • Behind the Cloud: What's actually happening to the files on the back end and how they're stored
    • Hardware/Software: Server setup and interaction information
      • Authentication Server: Admin Console resides here and authentication can occurr
      • Each Individual Data Center: Multiple servers with multiple data nodes (hard drive
    • Stored Files: How your files are stored and patched on the back end when changes are made

There were some great questions and answers regarding where data is stored, ransomware, client configurations online, and much more. Make sure to listen to the Q&A section after the lesson in the Webinar to learn more about using Mozy and how it works.


Have any questions for Niall or our Support techs? Want to suggest something for a future webinar? Leave us a comment below!

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If you have a moment, check out the latest community contest and tell us your personal story of a time when Mozy was really there for you. We want to hear about that time you thought all was lost, but luckily you had Mozy backup to restore your files. Leave your personal story in the comments below for a chance to win. All you have to do is leave a comment on our Community Feedback Giveaway blog post to enter to win $50!


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Make sure and check out July's webinar in the link below:


Centralized control - Using a client configuration to control what your users backup

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