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Sensei Level 1


How to retrieve the log file for Mozy Support

This tutorial explains how to obtain the log file for Mozy Support if you are using a MozyHome Mac client.



  1. Customer support may require a log file. A log file is a record of the Mozy client’s activities and is helpful in troubleshooting problems. Click the Mozy icon while holding the Option (Alt on a Windows keyboard) key. You can alternatively simply right-click.
  2. Select Collect Log Files...
  3. A window appears, containing a list of all the Mozy log files on your computer. click the Collect Files button.
  4. All the logs are saved to a zip file, which is placed on your Desktop. Attach the file to an email and send to Mozy Support.
Please note: This tutorial is not intended as a forum thread but rather to provide support through the video and documentation within. Please post any questions in the support community.




This guy speaks way too fast, which is very hard to understand anyway because of his accent. No way can I keep up with what he is saying, and i need help!



If you are trying to collect your log files for Mozy support, hold down the Option key (Alt, if you have a Windows based keyboard) and then click on the Mozy icon in the menu bar. From there, you can now select "Collect log files for Mozy Support". Does this answer your question?



I lost my files and reloaded them with Mozy,but I don't see them under My Documents. Is there something else I need to do?Mozy tells me lthe download is complete. Is there a help line/online I can go to? Their phone number says click on 'need help', but I don't see it. n