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password to access files

I have selected "require password to access files online", but I can open my files without a password.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Community Manager

Re: password to access files

Hi @Nan,


Are you already logged in online in your browser? It may be redirecting you to the login, but the browser is already logged in.


I just tested the setting in my Sync client and it prompts me for a log in when trying to access files online, where are you going to access them that it's letting you through anyway?

Angela G.
Community Moderator/Technical Support
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Re: password to access files

I am not logged in anywhere. All I have to do is click on my Sync icon on any of my computers, and it lets me access the files that I have sent to Sync.  Seems odd that if I go to Mozy.com I have to log in to access my files, but if I just click that little icon I can access them with no password!  I don't understand, because your documentation states that "when accessing your online sync folder through the Mozy Sync icon, you can control whether your password is required or you are automatically logged in. If you use a shared computer, Mozy recommends you require the password to be entered". I opened the Mozy Sync Preferences window, I clicked settings, I selected "Require password to access files online"........but I still don't need a password.  I'm really confused!


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Re: password to access files



I believe that checkmark simply means that when you go to:


- https://secure.mozy.com


That when you click on Restore Files or land at Devices and Synced to the left, a password is required upon logging into that site alone, but not on the local machine because you've already done so when installing Sync. However, you can potentially password-protect your Sync contents by:


- Encrypting the files with a 3rd party program/tool

- This is great in case someone has access to your computer and finds your Sync folder

- This is according to our Knowledgebase Link: http://support.mozy.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Can-I-password-protect-my-sync-folder


Let me know if this was helpful!





Mozy Support


Re: password to access files

Thanks for your help. I think that the description under the heading "Set Whether a Password Is Required to Access Your Online Sync Folder" under Mozy Security that refers to the Mozy Sync Icon is what caused my confusion - it really reads like you can choose to require a password when using the icon.  At least now I know that you can't.