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data size is inconsistent

used mozy home on windows for number of years, no problems. moved to  Windows10, 2 months ago,  last week received notice that over 2GB limit for Mozy, so did what I normally did, reduced number of files selected so that Mozy backup sets/  file system said 1.5GB selected. Closed and left.  Next few days notice back up did not complete, checked logs, now says I am trying to back up 11.4GB, which does correspond with back up sets.  This seemed to also I was backing up 33k individual files instead of 11k files.   Tried checking that was not backing up one drive or drop box, did not appear to be the case.  Cannot work out back up sets says one thing and mozy logs the other.  Any help appreciated.


Re: data size is inconsistent



This appears to be related to one of the Mozy control files that works in the background during a backup.  I have created a case for you and will be emailing you shortly with instructions on how to fix this issue.


Thank you,

Mozy Support