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Remove files from Sync

I do not want all the folders that are shown in my sync folder. How do I safely remove them from sync and not from my computer?


Re: Remove files from Sync

@pearson40   While you can remove files from Sync from the web page or on the computer, you want to be cautious as to the linked folder.  When you installed Sync, did you keep the default settings, or did you select your personal user folder? If it is the latter, I recommend copying all files from within the Sync folder and paste them into a new folder on the desktop to ensure the files are not lost. Then uninstall the Mozy Sync software. Reboot the computer. Re-install but keep all default settings. Ensure all your files are still in the original location on your computer.  Then any files/folders you want to Sync to your other computers/mobile devices, you can move into the Sync folder, as per


The reason you should not select your user folder to be the default Sync folder is because there are specific files/folders that constantly change as the programs are used.  While this is great for the data files you wish to sync with your other linked devices, this can cause issues with the ability to Sync files as well as use unnecessary storage space for those files relating to installed programs.  


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Re: Remove files from Sync


Please let us know if there are any other questions we can help answer for you in regard to Sync or any other Mozy products. 


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Shawn L.
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