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Permissions-based access to Sync folders/files?

Hello --


We are a small family business that just hired our first employee. We have been using Stash/Sync to link home/work computers, but--because we haven't had employees--we have not delineated personal vs. business files.


With an employee on board, we would like to use Sync file sharing for some business documents--but want to keep our personal documents separate. Is it possible to set up multiple sync folders (i.e., one personal, one business). Or is there a way to establish "permissions" to certain folders/files?


Thanks for your help ...


Re: Permissions-based access to Sync folders/files?



You cannot use 1 Sync with separate permissions. It's all or nothing.

However, if the employee you now have, needs to have a separate Sync for their data, you can create a second user for the employee to use for Sync.


If you are using MozyHome, you'll create a separate MozyHome account for the employee.

If you are using MozyPro, you'll create a Desktop user and enable Sync for that user.


If you have further questions, please let us know.

Peter M
Community Moderator

Re: Permissions-based access to Sync folders/files?

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