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MozySync out of disk space

My daughter tried to download a file to MozySync that was way too big.  She stopped the download and we've deleted the folder she was downloading it to, but MozySync is still stuck saying that it is out of disk space.  How do I get MozySync to start over and not worry about downloading that huge file so it will stop giving me the error?

Alice in Illinois

Re: MozySync out of disk space



Is the folder that the file was being moved to still present in the Mozy Sync folder? If so, try deleting or moving it elsewhere then:


1. Right-click the Mozy Sync icon in the System Tray

2. Select Preferences

3. Click on Pause

4. Wait a few seconds, then click Resume


The Sync app should be able to detect the change at that point. If not, you can try restarting the app to force it to refresh by:


1. Right-click the Sync icon from the System Tray

2. Select Exit 

3. Re-open the Mozy Sync app and verify the storage amount being used is correct. 


If you continue having the issue after these steps, try unlinking then re-linking. This will disconnect/reconnect the computer from the Sync container without removing any of the data that's been uploaded to Sync in the past. 


1. Right-click the Sync icon from the System Tray

2. Select Preferences

3. Select Options

4. Select Unlink Computer

5. Sign back in 


That should force the Sync app to begin to synchronize what is being stored in the local Sync folder with what you have in the Mozy cloud. 



Please post if you still need assistance, thanks!




Re: MozySync out of disk space


Did @AllanH's response help resolve your issue?

If so, please mark this thread as solved.


If not, please let us know so we can continue assisting.

Peter M
Community Moderator

Re: MozySync out of disk space

Well, yes I did resolve it, but what I had to do is get my daughter to remove the offending folder (where she had tried to download the too large file) from her computer before the problem stopped on my end.

Alice in Illinois
Community Manager

Re: MozySync out of disk space



I'm so glad it's resolved! Please feel free to hit "Accept as Solution" next to @AllanH's post above to mark the thread as solved.

Angela G.
Community Moderator/Technical Support

Re: MozySync out of disk space



I have taken the liberty of marking this thread as solved.


Thank you,

Mozy Support