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mobile phone sync on Mozy

For a few months last  year pictures taken on my Driod (Verizon) with Mozy app, would automaticlly upload to my computer each time it ran the Sync. then it stopped.When I contacted Mozy support  I was told Mozy did not support mibile apps or that function. It was a very very handy feature. anybody have a simular experience? or know how to twist an arm at Mozy to get the feature back?



Re: mobile phone sync on Mozy

This should help you:

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Re: mobile phone sync on Mozy

Have been able to upload photo's from S5 phone to computer Mozy -pictures-mobile uploads. By opening Mozy-sync-all files.

Then go to gallery on phone -select pictures-share-mozy sync.

since I updated gallery to Google photo's I can not get the sync to work.

is anyone using a different method? or do I nee to uninstall the Google photo file?

Community Manager

Re: mobile phone sync on Mozy



I can also repeat this on my device while using other applications allows the upload, like Gallery or Root Explorer.


It appears that anything utilizing Google Drive does not allow it to send to Mozy, while the same can send to other applications. I'll get an internal ticket placed on this. 


Thank you for letting us know!


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