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backup tablet



I have already my Pc on a backup. I would like to backup two android tablets. Can it been done under the same conditions and can it been seen on the same profile like my PC. What is the price for it?


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Re: backup tablet

Let's back up a little to see what your needs are. The mobile apps are generally used more to access your files, rather than backing up from them. That being said, there are a few tricks you can do to back up pictures and videos from your tablets, but that is about it.  It looks like they are android tablets, have you already installed the Mozy app on them?

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Re: backup tablet

Good question @wim1!


Mozy cannot directly backup your Android devices. The Mozy Mobile app is designed to help you view your files you have backed up online.


However, Mozy does have a feature called Sync. You can utilize Sync to upload files from your phone to your Sync folder. These will then appear in your Mobile Uploads* folder inside of Sync. They will not appear as a different device, but all items will reside in the same folder (or make a folder for each an upload to the specific folder, *you do not have to upload to the specific Mobile Uploads).

More information on this is found:

Upload Files to Your Sync Folder from the Mozy Mobile App


Alternatively you can also plug in your phone to your computer and create a backup of your phone or just move/copy specific files to your computer and use Mozy to backup those files.


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Re: backup tablet


Did you see @dillon's response? Please let's know if you have any other questions on this post.

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