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app doesn't like "&" in folder names

Hi, all,


ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new Mozy app for iPad and iPhone.  I had a terrible time though with one particular folder.  The items were all there and visible when I'd log in from my computer's browser, but for some reason, the app would never be able to enter that folder.  Just figured out the problem-- the folder has an "ampersand" in the name.  Apparently, that's buggy with the app-- once I changed the name of the folder, it (and its contents) opened just fine within the app.


Wanted to pass along in case anyone else encountered similar issues.


     Cheers,  MN




Re: app doesn't like "&" in folder names

mafnoor - Thanks for the information. I will make sure it gets to right channels.

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Re: app doesn't like "&" in folder names

Interesting!  Nice catch!


Tech :-)

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Re: app doesn't like "&" in folder names



fixed my issue as well... i only had a few folders with & in the path and it would break on those.


of course, these were the items i needed to access on the go.


great catch Robot Very Happy

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Re: app doesn't like "&" in folder names

This should be fixed in 1.2.

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