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Private Key

After the initial excitement of finally getting an iOS app and being able to browse my files from anywhere I was promptly sadden and disappointed after learning there is no support for backups encrypted using a custom private key.


It's even more disappointing to learn that according to the FAQ there are no plans to implement this on a near future.


I'm sure a decent percentage of users are using private keys.


Now I'm felling that I'm not getting a full service, or that I'm loosing functionality VS the rest of the users, where we all pay the same amount. If I'm getting a reduce service, why I don't get a reduced price?


Surely implementing a decrypt function on the App isn't impossible. I understand the are limitations on the platform (Memory, CPU, storage) but they could be avoided using a server side decrypt solution, or by limiting the file size to decrypt (e.g. limit it to small photos and not movies).


Also, is there any option to switch to a Mozy key encryption without needing to re-upload all the data?


I definitely hope Mozy sees the relevance of this and decide to include support for private keys on a near future version of the app.

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Re: Private Key



>using a server side decrypt solution

That would totally kill the security principles of you being the only owner of the key. The personnal encryption key has been made for stronger security for business and Pro users needing it. We made it available for Home users as an additional feature.


>Also, is there any option to switch to a Mozy key encryption without needing to re-upload all the data?

Unfortunately no, as all the data will change. Reuploading from fresh will be necessary.


Unfortunately we have no plan of inplementing this feature afaik.

However, if enough peoples join your cause in this forum, I guess that will be enough to influence our program management prioritites.


Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: Private Key


As product manager for the mobile apps, I can provide a little more than regisw.


Private Key crypto is definitely on our list of items to implement in the app, and when we do add it in, it will definitely be listed among the update's bullet points. Watch for it there.


That said, our first priority right now is to make the app available to our MozyPro and international customers, who are still waiting on a version that will work for them. That update is targeted for June, after which we hope to circle back and add basic support for private key crypto.


I say "basic" support because certain operations are performed by Mozy in the cloud. For example, creation of thumbnail and preview images requires us to be able to open each photo file and generate the smaller images. The value of private key crypto is lost if Mozy can access your key. So, our plan is to allow you to enter your private key in the app so that files can be decypted locally. But some features--like photo previews--just won't work.


Does that make sense?

Ted Haeger
Mozy Product Management

Re: Private Key

Hello Ted,


Thank you for taking the time on posting here and updating me (us) on this.


It does make sense and I understand that you have to give priority to Mozy Pro and International users.


It's good to know that you are already thinking on implementing support for private keys. Even if is only some basic support, and is still months away; at least I know is on the works.


Again thank you for your reply and I look forward to future updates on the app/service.







Re: Private Key

If you see a need for other features/enhancements, please let us know.  We are always looking to improve our products and you may have some ideas hat we haven't yet considered.

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Re: Private Key

I'm glad to hear that private key support in the iPhone app is coming, hopefully quite soon.





Re: Private Key

Basic private key support is available now as part of the version 1.2 update that was recently released! If you haven't already, check your iTunes updates!

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