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Native WP7 App Required!

I've been using Mozy on my iPhone for a while and it works really well (if slightly slowly).  But now I have a Windows Phone 7 phone for work (which I love, by the way - maybe more than my iPhone!) but there's no Mozy app for it.  Will this be rectified any time soon?  It would be a great addition.


Re: Native WP7 App Required!

Hi there,



Mozy continues to track Windows Phone 7's efforts to gain market acceptance, but at this time we are not working on creating a Mozy app for the platform as it's market share is currently slipping . I apologize for the inconvienience.


Thank you,

Carl Cochran
Mozy L2 Support Engineer

Re: Native WP7 App Required!



I understand waiting for a platform to become large before investing, but I would urge you to take another look.

W7 is growing... With Nokia now on board, it will not be long before WP7 becomes the 3rd largest smartphone OS.




Re: Native WP7 App Required!


As product manager for the Mozy app for mobile devices, I track WP7's progress pretty closely. Market share is one of the metrics I have to watch. But I also have to watch the progress of the actual platform. I study to what degree the platform has developed an "app culture." (That is, how much do its users use 3rd party applications?)


That question is pretty easy for me when it comes to, say, Blackberry. As a platform, few of its users actively seek out and use apps. When it comes to WP7, the answer isn't nearly as definitive. Microsoft has been making strides toward a legitimate platform. They're still struggling to establish a toe hold in the market, but they have a platform that can support apps that don't suck.


What I'm saying is that we (Mozy) could be swayed. We keep tracking WP7's progress. When we see it start to gain a strong, sophisticated constituency, I'll feel a lot better about investing Mozy's effort in that direction rather than projects that would benefit a broader audience of Mozy customers (such as Stash).



Ted Haeger
Mozy Product Management

Re: Native WP7 App Required!

Hopefully this attitude is beginning to change. It is a great platform and with the Lumia 900 expected anyday now it will only continue to grow. Is a Mozy app still off the table as of now?