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Mozy app backs up over data when wifi only is selected

I've previously opened a ticket with Mozy support, and they sent me here.  According to them, when the 'wifi only' settings are enabled within the mozy app, this does not apply to manual sync's.  It only applies to automatic syncs.  So, even if you have your settings to 'wifi only', the mozy app will still consume your (expensive) 3g/4g data connection mercilessly, without warning or prompting that your upload is proceeding without using wifi.


I suggest that:


- the 'wifi only' setting be changed to apply to all transfers, including manual and automatic sync


- differentiation between manual and auto sync via non-wifi be supplied


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Re: Mozy app backs up over data when wifi only is selected

@gabethematthews Thanks for the post, it looks like you have an open ticket with this issue on Android. From the case " t appears that certain Android phones that don't have the little menu button on the right that others do, typically what you click to have the option to go into Settings. So on your phone, you should be able to access settings if you press and hold the "recent" button (should be to the left of your home button) and it it should pop up the option to go into Settings there."


You can also reference the case # 01324123,  and looks like the agent has been awaiting a response from you so that we can troubleshoot this further.






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Re: Mozy app backs up over data when wifi only is selected

Hi there,



Were you able to get assistance with this?


Thank you,

Carl Cochran
Mozy L2 Support Engineer
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