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Android Restore 1Password File

Good Afternoon, 


I am trying to use Mozy Sync to sync my 1Password keychain to all of my devices.

for the most part it works rather well. 


however i ran into a bit of a snag with android. 


Mozy Sync on Android does not see the 1Password.agilekeychain file as a single file.

instead I get a listing of the package contents. 

(like on a Mac when you right click, and choose "Show package contents")

that is what I see, I would rather not sit and download 100 individual little files that are in that package. 


so how do I use Mozy Sync to move this 1 file package to my android device?


- Jason



Admin Emeritus

Re: Android Restore 1Password File

The forum is full of great questions today! I'm getting some help on this. Sit tight.

Zach M.
Community Manager

Re: Android Restore 1Password File

Hi there,



At this time, we do not allow downloading of folders (which the file actually is). In other words this file is actually a folder with small files in it. I will enter an enhancement request to allow for downloading of folders. As a work around you can try zipping the file so it is actually just one file.


Thank you,

Carl Cochran
Mozy L2 Support Engineer