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One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!
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report on a reduction of the number of files or size

Mozy only keeps a file or files on their servers for 30 days..


If I accidently delete a file and I do not notice, after 30 days.. the file will be deleted and I will not be able to restore that file.


Mozy should email a report to the user when it detects that a file is no long being backed up and report as such.  An email detailing this can be sent on the:


1st day

10th day

20th day

25th day

28th day

29th day

30th day


After which the user will ahve had ample time to either restore or ignore.


Right now I backup 60,000 files totalling 200GB.. if I lose 1 file.. I am not going to know until I go looking for it!


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Well. that would be an email every day. That would just be annoying. But perhaps a seciont in the History tab for each backup of what files were marked as deleted during that backup, and an area to see what files will be actually deleted on the next backup.



Besides off site backups its almost not cheaper than the old way.  You have to break out some money and have them mail it to you.  I hope you can just unplug the externals and store them somewhere with version 2.  I just bought drives and hope that's a solution.  Thank you for pointing that out that's not cool at all.

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The only say they delete files after 30 days...  I have files that are backed up for 1 1/2 years...  I asked Mozy about this and even though they reserve the right to remove files after 30 days and they are supposedly "marked" for deletion, in fact, if they don't need the disk space, and apparently they haven't needed disk space yet, the files stay far beyond 30 days...  You can do a recover by date and if you've been with Mozy for more than 30 days, I would bet you will see you have much older backed up files...



Justin's basic idea is very sound and would be an excellent addition to customer caring on the part of Mozy.


The freqeuncy Justin suggests is probalby too high, though. Also, since Mozy DOES often keep files longer than 30 days, I'd suggest a slightly different automated customer notification approach:


1) A monthly report showing all files that are backed up on Mozy but no longer on the backed-up machine.


2) When Mozy decides to do a cleanup, a notification sent 15 days beforehand of all the user's files that are scheduled to be deleted,  with a followup notice 5 days before.


That's it - the user knows every month what files may have inadvertantly disappeared from his/her machine. And there is due warning before they actually disappear forever.


Mozy - what do you say? Your customers will love you for it.


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i change every day the same 1GB - File

since 2008 (aprx. 600Day)

how much GB i use in Mozy ?

what i se is 1GB but all other Days are there ?

or only the last 30 Day's ?






I totally don't understand this post. Why would Mozy ever delete a file so long as you are paying? When I back something up I want it to be there forever! Am I not getting what I'm paying for here? I dont want to back up my music and photos for the next 30 days, I want them backed up forever. Someone explain this to me?




@RobL:  What they are talking about is that if YOU delete a file from your local machine, either on purpose or by accident, Mozy will mark that file to be removed from the online backup after 30 days.  Any file that is still on your hard drive will remain on the online backup forever.  The potential problem is that if you accidently delete a file and don't notice for 30 days then the backup may get purged.


I came to these forums to make a similar suggestion to Mozy.  I think a feature should be added that would allow us to view a log of files marked for deletion so we can recover any files we accidently deleted before the 30 days are up.



Files will be deleted, and I don't think that I want to be notified of each file that is to be deleted.


What I would like is to set a treshhold somehow, that would alert me if a certain amount of gigabytes or a certain amount of files is removed. This alert would be given soon enough, maybe immediately, maybe by the local client before the uploaded file(s) are removed.


So if I accidentally remove a big disk image of 5GB, I would first have to approve this.

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As it turns out, much to the frustration of some of us, Mozy does NOT delete files after they have been deleted from the source computer for 30 days...  They instead only MARK them for possible deletion and they will only delete them if they need the disk space and at least over the past couple of years Mozy has NOT needed the disk space... So despite Mozy saying in many places on their website that they delete files after they are source deleted for 30+ days, that is simply not the case...  I discovered after having been with Mozy for over 1 1/2 years that every file I had ever backed up, including tons of files that no longer existed on the source, including also a ton of files that were from an older computer that no longer existed and was no longer registered as my Mozy backup computer, that they all still lived in my backup and were all recoverable...


I know some people will say "that's great, the longer the better" but just know that what it really means is that you, the owner of those files has no ability to delete any file from your Mozy backup...  Even if you delete it from the source and wait 30 days, it will still be there...  Check it out for yourself...  


Having no real control over my own files has prompted me to look into other backup companies and so far I have found many (all that I have checked out in fact) that allow the owner to delete his/her own files...  But unfortunately, each of the ones I have investigated as some other troubling hook.  Otherwise, I would have left Mozy by now...  


Anyway, just know that Mozy does NOT follow its own stated policy of deleting files after 30 days...  Just make a junk file, back it up, then toss it from your source machine and wait 30 days..  Unless they change their stance sometime soon, it will still be there beyond 30 days...  If you like that, great...  If you don't, and remember so far it appears Mozy keeps ALL FILES FOREVER, then let Mozy know...



1) I think saving deleted files for at least 30 days after deletion is adequate. If you want to be sure you have access to deleted files past 30 days, then I suggest you use alternate backup software to backup to an external hard drive (check out open source project: http://areca-backup.org/). It is safer to not put all your eggs in one basket by letting Mozy manage your local and online backup.


2) In practice, if Mozy was to send an emails as suggested, you would be getting email's daily. Think of all the files you delete/rename/move (they are all treated as deleted). The suggestion of having this information available somewhere in the History tab could work, but I still don't think it's necessary.


3) I don't understand why anyone would mind that Mozy is keeping backups for longer than their disclaimers say they will. That backup does not hurt you by being there: you can always restore your files to their current state, without restoring deleted files. It's also encrypted, so you there is no need to be more worried about the security of your old files than your current files.

I'm actually happy to hear that they typically keep more history than they advertise since their restore system allows you to restore any/all of your files to their state at any point in saved history. I did a trial of a few different online backup systems and others did not offer this feature.

Don't get me wrong, I do have a few gripes about Mozy (I plan to make a few new posts here soon), but the restore system is one area where I commend Mozy for the way they manage it.




I had a hard drive die recently and since I didn't use the contents often I could have easily lost the information. I would have loved for Mozy to tell me that it could no longer access the DRIVE LETTER from which is was supposed to be backing up.


Luckily it was still on Mozy's servers...I honestly don't know how long the drive had been dead.





I totally agree with the request to have a report on "missing" file(s).


1) Indeed, I faced the problem last month. My harddrive had some bad sector and CHKDSK has removed somel unreadable files.

However, CHKDSK runs automatically during boot and I actually wasn't aware that file had been removed by CHKDSK. (I was not sitting in front on my PC during boot time).


As a workaround, to find out exactly which file was missing, I needed to write my own file-auditing tool:


(please don't hesitate to use - and I can give source code to anyone who is interested)


So, the best would be, as you said, for Mozy to provide a clean and easy-to-read report on "missing" files.


2) To be easy to read and convenient, it would be nice to "exclude" from report (and from backup) the files that always change. For example the "cache" directory or IE or Chrome or Firefox.

We can configure it manually, but the best would be that Mozy defines some directory pattern that we can directly apply. They could define patterns for the most frequently used software (cache directory, temporary files, etc.)





Status changed to: Not Currently Planned
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"Events" tab in web interface would do the thing - show files added - show deleted - show changed etc