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Latest from the Blog: Restoring files from an earlier date
One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!
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Not Currently Planned

"Events" page into Account Pages

Add "Events" to the account pages.


it would show:

- recently added\deleted\edited files & folders

- recent restores

- recent added\deleted comupters



in reverse chronological order of course. (most recent is on the top)


In my opinion this is a "must have" feauture, hope Mozy would consider implementing this web history thing.



Status changed to: Not Currently Planned
The restores can be seen in the web restore interface or the client history tab, depending on if it's a web or client restore. The files that have been updated can be seen in the history tab of the client, and you will be able to see deleted files in the history as well here soon with a new version coming. The recent added/delete computers isn't yet available, and with conversations in the past there's not much of a need or call for that.
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well, of course you could see all these information in many deep different places but such page in account pages would be very _handy_ , online and interactive (make file events clickable so you can restore\download\see versions of that files without going into restores \ bla bla bla \ search by data and deeper)

I have a client who had an employee leave unexpectedly, and under less than ideal circumstances.  They asked me if I could get them a list of files that had been deleted from the server over a period of time.  I know the files are marked as deleted in the web interface, but not in one simple place.  This information could be gathered either with a specific report, or i guess from a downloadable list of backed-up files that could be manipulated in Excel.

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Can I rebumb this idea into Stash\Mozy Sync? Now it can show recent activity in some deep submenu, but it is all randomly shown there, can't see previous dates, no grouping, no sorting etc. You even added "Event history" into mozy web file manager - but only restored files shown there - only one way usefull.