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"Backup This File Now" Option On Windows Explorer Right-Click Menu

Selecting this option puts the file at the top of the backup queue for the next automatic backup session or starts backup immediately depending on options set in Mozy. Alternatively, two menu options "Move File To Top Of Backup Queue" and "Backup This File Immediately".


I often have a small number of often-changing files that would benefit from line-jumping the queue. 

Community Manager


That's a good idea. Thanks.



This option should apply to folders as well. Especially when making the first backup, which can takes days or weeks, there are many files that are important, and many files that are much less important. Like my music collection, great if it is backed up, but it's not a really big problem if I loose it. My emails - I want those backed up daily, even when the music isn't finished for the first time.


So I would like to have the following backup priority options


1) Always immediately

2) Backup by ordering


1: Emails, documents should be updated first, every day (for me).This is most of the time only several megabytes, not hundreds of mb or even gb, so this is done in 10 or 20 minutes.

2: When these high priority files have been updated, the rest can be done, starting with the most important for me. This can take days or weeks, and I wouldn't like it if in the mean time my mail isn't updated daily.

I wholeheartedly agree to both ideas above.


Another idea is to use a Mozy sub-menu on the right-click menu so that you can easily add more than a few items to this list without clogging up the main list. (if I didn't describe that clearly, have a look at they way 7-zip does it)


I'd like to see a “Don't Backup” option in the right-click menu.



I'd like to see a right click 'Remove from Backup' as well.



I'd also like to see this (including the whole folder idea) on mac.



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Great idea - and I agree with dansmith65, a single menu item with a sub-menu of things you can do to a file with Mozy would be great.



Two options


 - Exclude from backup

 - Backup now - Forces file to backed up next.


I'd like to see these features.



Totally agree with these suggestions re: having right-click menu options with Mozy.