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Being Discussed

make tray icon contrast more obvious when updating is going on

Hello Support

In 2013 I submitted a suggestion as per subject above.

While doing quick checks on the tray icon it is very difficult to see if an update is in progress. I wonder if this is a difficult detail for you to change? It would help very much especially if you are not in the 20's and 30's age bracket.

Any chance?


Thank you

Kind Regards


Gion Deplazes





Thank you for posting your idea.  I was looking at the Mozy icon I have when a backup is running and I can see how that may be hard to see.  I believe one reason the contrast is set as it is, is because it the contrast was too high it might bother some people who prefer a discreet view.  However I'll pass this on to our developers.


Please post any other questions or comments.


Thank you, 

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Thanks @JaredG

Interesting, as more often than not the icons are not visible anyway(win 8.1). Why would you have a blinking contrasting with two colours if you can hardly see the difference? In some apps there are even a choices of colours available :-)


Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager


@noig - Thanks for your feedback! I will certainly pass this on to our development team.