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Latest from the Blog: Restoring files from an earlier date
One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!

Idea Exchange

Ideas (619) Author Status Likes Date
Backup Priority For Backup Sets stoneskely Duplicate 0 06-06-2010 01:25 PM
"Backup This File Now" Option On Windows Explorer Right-Click Menu stoneskely Duplicate 0 06-06-2010 01:21 PM
report on a reduction of the number of files or size justinb Not Currently Planned 0 06-05-2010 07:11 AM
Add option to run missed backup on next boot randyw57 Not Currently Planned 0 06-04-2010 08:26 PM
Email alert on case updates JimMueller Implemented 0 06-04-2010 03:05 PM
Support Ticket Descriptions muskadel Implemented 0 06-04-2010 08:04 AM
Remove the bandwidth throttle cap oftheterra Implemented 0 06-04-2010 06:37 AM
Tutorial for Reinstalling your OS frostus Implemented 0 06-03-2010 03:41 PM
Auto Update MozyBoy Implemented 0 06-02-2010 09:17 PM
How to set a Mozy-specific temp directory a1l0s2k9 Implemented 0 05-31-2010 05:09 PM
Automatically (re)store the settings on mozy.com bvl Declined 0 05-28-2010 11:44 AM
Payment Option: PayPal Rimini Not Currently Planned 0 05-28-2010 05:51 AM
Progress Bar MozyBoy Declined 0 05-28-2010 05:07 AM
Linux client, even without a UI or auto backup Invisiblade Implemented 0 05-28-2010 01:08 AM
Create tutorials for MozyPro users USFISO Implemented 0 05-27-2010 07:20 PM
Please improve the 2.0 status feedback message hlmtaylor Declined 0 05-27-2010 01:28 PM
Make the top level 'Support' link on MozyPro admin page come to this new support channel USFISO Implemented 0 05-27-2010 10:14 AM
Improve speed of the Salesforce Portal USFISO Implemented 0 05-27-2010 10:11 AM
Too many uses of 'My Account' USFISO Not Currently Planned 0 05-27-2010 09:46 AM