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cost and competition



It seems this topic surfaces every year about this time.  I'm moving to a new computer and mozy setup and first backup are underway.  Mozy was a pioneer in online backup, but the field is filling in.  One TB for about the same money looks attractive.  I can't fit in the 50gb and I've had to remove a lot of files to get under the wire.


EMC, your retail customer base will melt away if you don't address this.  Storage is becoming cheaper and cheaper but Mozy isn't.  I'm up for renewal this summer and I'll look at the options real soon now.


You divert these questions to better features, easier to use, but that's not good enough.  It's always about the money.


It seems that EMC/Dell is far more interested in Institutional, business and Enterprise customers and I respect that.  Thanks for nine great years.


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@wbradley - Thank you for your feedback. I will bring this up in our next meeting. 


For reference, please find the original post below:



The core of the cost problem is the storage pods. Consider one petabyte. A Dell DM1000 is $826,000. An EMC NS-960 is $2,860,000. The competition is building one petabyte storage pods for $117,000. I'm just not interested in paying for this difference.