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Latest from the Blog: Restoring files from an earlier date
One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!


Being Discussed

When restoring files, allow the user to choose what happens in a conflict to existing files

When restoring files, allow the user to choose whether existing files are:

Overwritten no matter what,
Overwritten only if the one that already exists is older,
Added as a new file with a digit added after it.

Currently, existing files are always overwritten without any warning.
That is NOT user friendly.

Tech support said currently the only solution is to restore files to a second location and manually merge them.

That is a very poor, inefficient solution.

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Hello @Omicron,


I wanted to reach out to you for a little further clarification and understanding on your idea. As it stands right now, both the web restore and the in-client restores allow you to choose whether or not to overwrite the file, it does not overwrite by default.




With the Web Restore, if you check the box for Overwrite existing files it will choose to overwrite any files that are the same. If you do not check that box, it will rename the files (by adding a character) so that both the old and new are saved.




In the In-Client Restore, you have radial buttons at the bottom where you can select either Overwrite existing files or Rename copy if original file exists. Whichever you select there is what will occur when you run the restore.


As for your request, do those not fit your needs or just not know about them? Or are you just hoping for some added functionality? We'd love a little clarification to know where to better point your recommendation.


Thanks so much!



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Status changed to: Need More Information


Definitely need more information since as @angelag demonstrated, there is no 'Overwrite' option enabled by default.



I spent time clarifying an answer yesterday, but it was a waste of time because of a bug in your website. Here is the bug:

  1. I clicked on the link in the email  from Community Mailer
  2. this page was displayed showing your update
  3. I typed an answer
  4. I clicked Post Your Command
  5. The login page displayed
  6. I logged in
  7. A general Mozy page appeared.

My answer disappeared into the bit bucket. It should have been conserved after login.




I tried it again just now. This time a new error occurred. When I clicked “Return to my original page”, it displayed the community page. My entry was gone.

Error Page

Flooding Detected

Please wait a few seconds and try again

  • message : There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes.

This time the message dated **Removed**:02 PM was posted.


Why did the error occur?


Anyway, what I was trying to post yesterday was this:

My recommendation is to split the Overwrite option into two options:


  1. Always Overwrite
  2. Overwrite only if the Mozy file was modified later than the one already on the hard drive


Also, it would be great if the font size of the choices were a little larger.





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@Omicron - Thanks for clarifying!

Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed