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Being Discussed

Two-step log-on verification

Mozy would be much more secure with some type of two step logon verification such as an email being sent to the email address on file, or a text message sent before being to access Mozy on-line.


If I understood tech support correctly you have three attempts at entering a password before being logged out for 30 minutes. After the 30 minute timeout a hacker could guess three more times and keep going until the correct password is guessed.


To the best of my knowledge all of my on-line accounts have a two-step verification option including email, Amazon, Yahoo mail, gmail, banking, investing,etc.


I am glad Mozy offers the strong encription but what good is it if someone guesses your password and just copies all your files from the Mozy web-site?


I am hoping that you are able to offer two step verification in the near future as I have both  personal and business accounts with Mozy and this would help me feel better about my data. 

Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager


@dr1 - Thank you for suggesting this option. It would certainly be a fantastic security addition. I will bring this up with our developers! 

Community Manager


Agreed, really great option for those who want it. I have two-step verification set up on some of my secure accounts and I find it very comforting to know there's an extra safeguard in place.

Community Manager


For reference, another Idea Exchange post with the same request:


Two Step Verification for On-Line Access

Community Manager


Another for reference:


Two-Step Identification Procedure