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Two-Step Identification Procedure

I would strongly suggest a two-step identification procedure similar to google's procedure.


As of now, someone who gets access to my password (say, via keylogger or via insecure wifi) can gain access to my whole digital life. I find this rather scary.


Google procedures are here:


Over the long run, I plan to move all my senstive data to systems with two-step procedures. A plain password is not sufficient, as I learnt the hard way.





Thank you for the feedback.


You might look into custom encryption in the mean time. If they have your password, then can still get into the account, but if they try a restore if they don't have your encryption key phase (which should be different from your password) then it won't do them any good.



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For reference, another Idea Exchange post with the same request:


Two Step Verification for On-Line Access