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Being Discussed

Scheduled Reports Email Alert Time

We utilize the scheduled reports extensively and it's a great feature, however it is lacking the ability for us to specify a time for the alert to be sent out. It's my understanding that they will normally send out at whatever time the report was originally created, however that is a problem for us if we want a report sent out during non-business hours.


I have seen other MozyPro users in the community post about having this same functionality.

Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager



Currently the Scheduled Reports section of the Admin Console allows you to run the report on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. To confirm, you would like to be able to specify an exact time in the day for the report to run? For example, if your report is set to run on a Daily basis, you would want the ability to run the report at 5:30PM Daily. 


Once confirmed, I will certainly bring this up with the development team. 


Thank you for using the Mozy Idea Exchange!



That is exactly right.


It'd also be ideal if when setting up a weekly or monthly report, you could specify what day of the week/month you want it to run (i.e. Every Friday at 10AM, or Every 2nd Monday at 5PM, Every 15th day, etc.).



Community Manager



Thank you for clarifying! 

Community Manager


Great idea! I'm sure there are a lot of Admins who'd like this functionality if we can make it a go.





I like it! i can see this benefiting large and small scale MozyPro and Enterprise deployments.